DP party president Mao advice to Bobi Wine

The Democratic Party president general, Nobert Mao, has advised Kyadondo East legislator and presidential hopeful, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine to ‘vaccinate’ his new party against the six killer diseases.


Mao said as the Democratic Party, they will stand in as a mother figure to always advise the ‘baby’ National Unity Platform on general concerns.



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Mao made remarks while addressing a press conference about the current political events.


Mao said, “So we advise him to vaccinate the baby against the six killer diseases, otherwise the baby (NUP) will either die or be sickly and people will say that indeed that party never took off because it never vaccinated itself against killer diseases.”


While launching the NUP at the Kamwokya based People Power offices last week, Kyagulanyi revealed that the NUP will only be a political wing of the People Power movement and that soon they will be launching the People Power alliance that will consist of several partner parties and political organizations.


Mao added that the DP will be open to form an alliance with the People Power if they can fulfill three conditions.


“The DP will be happy to be part of the People Power alliance if we negotiate it with honesty, transparency and sincerity,” Mao said.


“We are the party of truth and justice and we have never opposed unity. Why would DP oppose unity? It is through our unity with the UPC that we fought for this multi party democracy.”


Mao added that those who seek unity in will always find DP as a reliable partner and it is only those who want to manipulate them, that will find resistance.

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The DP president however noted that as a party, they will stay committed to their pledge of “issue driven politics and not personality driven politics.”


“Assuming all presidential aspirants including Bobi Wine, President Museveni, Gen. Mugisha Muntu and Besigye die today, does that mean that Uganda’s problems will be over? No,” Mao said.

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