Bryan White Accuses Bad Black Of Lying About His Illness

Socialite Bryan White has revealed that he cannot accept defeat and will not be forced to claim that he has run broke.


“I have a lot of property that I can sell. I have over 500 acres of land in Busunjju. I can sell part of it if I wanted money,” he said.

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This came after remarks Bad Black made when she asked Bryan White to stop pretending that he is sick and accept that he has run broke.


She added that Bryan White had allowed her to raise funds for his medical treatment and yet he was not ill.


According to Bad Black, she was hurt because Bryan White was using her for publicity and played with her emotions.


Bryan White reveals that he is hurt by the way Ugandans are treating him after he has helped many of them and he is greatly disappointed in Bad Black.


“It would be better if she didn’t come to see me, than ruining my name. I have a family, wife and children to look after,” he said.


He adds that he only needs prayers from Ugandans and not money.

Singer King Michael has also condemned Bad Black for insulting Bryan White yet he always helped her.

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“After all the money that Bad Black picked from the podium and Munyonyo, after all the free air tickets she received, if she can say all that, the God will be the judge,” he said.

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