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Bryan White was Poisoned, Results from South Africa

City socialite Bryan White has been off the scene for quite a while but when he reverted, he has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Lately he was in a scandal with his former employees who accused him of rape and defilement. Conversely, when the police arrived at his residence in Buziga to get a statement, his illness issues vamped.


He was then taken to Nakasero Hospital where he left due to high expenses and inconvenience caused by his socialite status. A few days ago thigh vender Bad black shared a video of Bryan white suffering from extreme stomach pain. Rumor has it that the pencil sized tycoon was poisoned by his enemies.

Although his results aren’t back from South Africa, fresh reports coming through indicate just how intestinal cancer is slowly eating up Bryan White’s abdominal sector.  We hope that this is not the case but we are probably witnessing the last days of Bryan White.

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