Alex Muhangi Addresses Bad Black’s Claims That Bryan White Is Faking Sickness

Renowned Comedian Alex Muhangi has dismissed Bad Black’s allegations that fellow socialite Bryan white is faking sickness.


Muhangi says Bryan White is seriously ill and should be referred to Nairobi for further treatment. All this comes after Bad Black took to social media to bash Bryan Kirumira saying he is broke, scared, and acting up all the sickness drama so as to getting sympathy money from the president and to be pardoned for his sexual allegations.


Dramatically, after visiting Bryan White’s Bad Black had taken to social media to vent out her anger to the president as she revealed that the head of state had refused to help White. As she cries crocodile tears, Bad Black also castigated Bryan White’s former aides under the Foundation.


However in a dramatic turn of events, Bad Black savagely fired at Bryan White and branded him a pretender.


“People are empty on the podium Caz Bryan no longer has what to give them. He is broke and has to concede that……Jaaja Mwami should stop acting like he is so relevant and a VIP to attract state attention since he isn’t a Munyankore. He should wake up and accept brokenness and get moving with another deal.”-Bad Black lambasted.

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