Is Friedrich Naumann Foundation funding Bobi Wine?

For the past years since Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine declared that he is to run against the 35 regime of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, many people including those in the government have been asking themselves where the young man gets the money which he has been and to use in the campaigns which are not far from now. Reports reaching on our desk indicates that Friedrich Naumann Foundation is part of bank-rollers of Bobi Wine.

This came after the photos which were shared from the people power secretariats in Kamocha yesterday as Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu was launching a new political party which is a political wing for the people power movement.  The photos which were shared had labels on them of Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

We know you’re also asking yourself what Friedrich Naumann Foundation is? The answer is here. Friedrich Naumann Foundation is a German foundation for liberal politics related to Free Democratic Party and it was established in 1958 by the first president of German and it promotes individual freedom and liberalism.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation has different offices around the world, most especially in Europe, Asia and Africa, according to the the information we received at indicates the some of the banners which were used yesterday at People Power head offices had labels of this foundation and this left questions unanswered to many asking themselves whether Friedrich Naumann Foundation are the ones who funds Bobi Wine.

On 10th/12/2019, Bobi Wine was honored by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for freedom in South Africa

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