Sam Kahamba Kuteesa tops Worst Mp list 2019/20

Best, Worst MPs named
Hon. David Bahati, the state minister for planning in the finance ministry is the best performing Member of Parliament (MP) while his counterpart Okello Henry Oryem is the worst performing MP, according to findings of the Parliamentary Scorecard 2018/2019.

The MPs were assessed on their attendance of plenary and committee sessions, in addition to performance in their constituencies.

David Pulkol, the executive director of Africa Leadership Institute, who compiled the report said tracking performance of MPs is made difficult by the fact that most Ugandans misunderstand the legislators’ role.

“Hon. Ocan Betty Aol, who was the most outstanding frontbencher female MP, along with Hon. Achieng Sarah Opendi, Hon. Okori-Moe Janet Grace Akech, Hon. Nakiwala Florence Kyingi, Hon. Bakireke Nambooze Betty, Hon. Kunihira Agnes and Hon. Adeke Anna,” Pulkol said as he congratulated female MPs for doing well in plenary sessions.

The analysis covered individual MPs’ performance, aggregated regional sub-regional performance and the overall performance of parliament as a governance institution.

“Parliament performed relatively well in its legislative function, passing 27 laws, while it did not do very well in its representation and appropriation roles,” according to findings of the report.

The findings were verified by Uganda Management Institute to enhance the creibility of the data that could have an impact on electoral outcomes in the forthcoming general elections.

Marco de Swart of the Democratic Governance Facility said they were happy to support this project because parliament is a key institution whose performance affects the extent to which Ugandans enjoy the benefits of democracy.

“This is an important project for us because we believe in the value that quality of legislation has on deepening democracy in societies,” he said.


Along with Bahati, the other best performing MPs are Hon. Abala David, Hon. Ocan Betty Aol, Hon. Achieng Sarah Opendi and Hon. Atim Ogwal Cecilia Barbara.

Hon. Obiga Mario Kania, Hon. Okori-Moe Janet Grace, Hon. Nankabirwa Ruth Sentamu, Hon. Odur Jonathan and Hon. Lugoloobi Amod complete the list of top 10 performers.


The members whose performance was found wanting are Hon. Okello Henry Oryem, Abdu Nadduli who is an ex-officio, Hon. Kutesa Sam Kahamba, Hon. Kibaaju Naome, Kamukama Nuwe Molly, another ex-officio and Hon. Babirye Judith.

The other legislators who need to pull up their socks are Hon. Kaliisa Jovrine Kyomukama, Hon. Okello Bonny Desales, Hon. Galabuzi Dennis Ssozi and Hon. Kamara John Nizeyimana.


Opendi, who attended the launch of the report at the Vision Group premises said she was happy to be named among the best-performing MPs, adding that she is equally happy with her performance as a minister.

“All leaders, including MPs must learn to balance their time to meet different priorities. I am honoured to be among the best MPs.” Opendi said.

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“I am happy that MPs are being assessed. The findings of this report are going to help both the MPs and constituents,” said Hon. Gilbert Olanya who also attended the launch.


Attendance for Male & female MPs is below average as Male percentile score is 47.3 while female is 45.5.

The budget committee headed by Hon. Lu­goloobi Amos, MP Kayunga district stood out as the most outstanding & productive committee with 13 reports signed.

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The most engaging region on bills amendments was Central region MPs 35.7%,followed by Western region 24.76%,Northern region 21.86%.Eastern region had the least engagement on bills with 17.68%.

All the 27 Bills enacted by Parliament passed the constitutional test therefore obtaining a 100% score.

There is nothing commendable about the way the 3rd year session of parliament executed their appropriation role as the aspect of scrutiny, approvals, oversight and sanctions were below 65%.

By the end of the 3rd year session, 179/215 questions raised by MPs were responded to by the Prime Minister and/or line Ministers. While 16.7% were not responded to by the end of the 3rd year session.

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