Maama Fiina set to get married, leaving Abitex in tears.

Slain Maj Muhammad Kiggundu’s widow Sophia Namutebi commonly known as Maama Fiina set to get married.

This came after the linking of photos which where believed to have been taken from the traditional ceremony which is known as the “Kukyaala’.

Ms Namutebi also president of Uganda Traditional healers who in 2017 got married to Mr Ismail Ssegujja, a business man at Kololo Mosque and it should be remembered that she was given a present, commonly known as Mahare in Islamic faith, of 4,000 pounds (about Shs19m) in cash and Mr. Segujja who was advised to help maama Fiina to forget the brutal murder of her husband Maj. kigundu he seems to have failed to full fill what he was requested to do.

Maama Fiina who also wanted to get citizenship in England so that she can live with her man peacefully, was denied the visa by by the British visa issuing agency in Pretoria, South Africa. The agency questioned her source of income. And her husband refused to come back to Uganda to start staying with her.

Fews weeks back events promoter Abitex came out and showed up his love for the traditional healer maama Fiina although she came out publically and refused to give him  the key to her heart.

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