Beautiful Cities of East Africa

Africa is a large continent made up of 54 sovereign countries and each of these countries offer unique experiences for travelers. There are thousands of cities in Africa but today , we shall be shining the light on the Most beautiful ones in East Africa. East Africa is the eastern region of the African continent. There are about 20 countries in Eastern Africa and a total population of about 440 million people with each country boasting of its own beautiful cities. While not every country in this part of the continent can boast of having the most beautiful cities in Africa, there are however cities that really stand out and compete at the international scene.

Considering the fact that there are hundreds of cities in Eastern Africa, we are going to focus on the most outstanding ones. So, in no particular order, here are the most beautiful cities in Eastern Africa.

1-Kampala- Uganda

Kampala was ranked 169th, ahead of Nairobi (184th), Kigali (191st) and Dar es Salaam (198th), making it East Africa’s most comfortable city. Uganda’s capital Kampala is the best East African city to live in, according to the latest quality of living survey of the world’s top 230 cities by Mercer, a global development consulting agency based in New York, US.
Kampala is the capital and largest city of Uganda. The city proper was estimated to have a population of 3.2 million people and is divided into the five boroughs of Kampala Central Division, Kawempe Division, Makindye Division, Nakawa Division, and Rubaga Division. An impressive skyline, streets with a European flair, friendly people and a vanishingly low crime rate make a visit to the capital to a real highlight of your trip to Uganda.In the first decades the city grew steadily, had the best University in East Africa (Makerere University) and was an appeal to all the other African cities which was hard to surpass. During the civil war years under Obote and Amin, however, Kampala suffered heavily. Many buildings were destroyed and the infrastructure completely broke down.But it has got back to its feet and began experiencing a renaissance since the beginning of the 90s. Today Kampala is one of the most modern African cities and awakens in many areas the European feeling with many allees and parks, shops and hotels, bars and international restaurants. And Kampala is also one of the safest cities in Africa. Some of the businesses that maintain their headquarters in the city center include all of the 25 commercial banks licensed in Uganda, the New Vision Group, the leading news media conglomerate and majority owned by the government, and the Daily Monitor publication, a member of the Kenya-based Nation Media Group. Air Uganda and Crown Beverages Limited, the sole Pepsi-Cola franchise bottler in the country, is situated in Nakawa, Kampala.

2-Nairobi- Kenya

Nairobi is the capital and the largest city of Kenya. The city has a population of 4.7 million people and is popularly referred to as the Green City in the Sun. Nairobi is steeped in rich culture, heritage and history and the people are very welcoming. The culture is what set the city apart; it is a mix of various religions, traditions and local beliefs. Nairobi offers an opportunity to ride through the National Parks and Wildlife sanctuary of animals running free. See great and beautiful animals including the big 5 – Elephant, Lion, Rhinos, Buffalo and Leopards in their natural tropical African surroundings.There are many Fortune 500 Companies in Nairobi such as Shell, General Motors, Barclays, and many others. Fortune 500 Companies are top public corporations ranked by their gross revenue. Similarly, many technology companies have their regional offices in Nairobi including Huawei, Asus, IBM etc.Nairobi has a lovely climate with warm and cool atmosphere for most of the year. Nairobi offers a great shopping experience and an opportunity to find beautiful goodies that you can ever imagine both locally and International made goods. Nairobi’s sustainable development rests on upholding long-term economic and social growth, which has helped to raise living standards of the people. Nairobi’s green growth provides all the basics needed for a healthy life such as food, shelter, sanitation, water, good roads and transportation and many others. You’ll never go hungry because the cities have food that suits every palette. As music pour through the streets, dance away the night at some amazing bars and clubs in Nairobi.

3-Kigali, Rwanda

Rwanda’s renewed political stability and a government which is firmly behind the private sector have made Kigali one of the most talked-about places to do business in East Africa.


The capital city has been dubbed the easiest place for doing business in East Africa because of some revolutionary reforms regarding tax breaks, credit approval, and construction deals.


Kigali is a hub for mobile banking and the finance sector, in particular microfinancing. While tourism has steadily increased in the past decade and helped to fuel the economy, construction in Kigali has also increased. Between 2002 and 2009, the nation’s GDP grew by more than 250 percent.

4-Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es Salaam holds massive potential and a few good reasons to register on the continental business radar. Tanzania’s capital city has some compelling developing sectors, like telecoms and ICT, real estate, energy, and agribusiness.

Tanzania’s economy has already begun to enjoy more government support in the form of incentives for domestic and international investors. Its stable political environment makes it extremely enticing for businesses looking to establish themselves in the region. Finally, with plenty of human resources and natural resources just waiting to be tapped, the city is poised for growth in ways that are appealing to business.


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