Top 10 Most Protected President in Africa 2020,

Welcome back to we have another exciting article and thanks for viewing , In this article we shall be taking a look at the Top most protected presidents in Africa. In most democratic countries presidents are elected by the people and as such they need maximum protection in order to do their job properly. Africa has some of the most heavily guarded presidents in the world but some African presidents go the extra mile to tighten their security and make sure their safety is guaranteed. Most of the presidents on this list are presidents of countries that have suffered political and civil unrest thus the need for the presidents to be heavily guarded. Most of these presidents ride in Armored cars and are most often than move in convoys.

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So without any further delay and in no particular order, these are the Top 10 Most Protected presidents in Africa

10. Allasane Ouatara – President of Ivory Coast

Allasane Ouatara born on the 1st of January 1942 has been the president of Ivory coast since 2010. He currently ranks as one of the most protected presidents in Africa. Allasane ouatara is also spotted with heavily armed security guards each time he goes on official assignment both in and out of the country. His presidential car is also accompanied by heavily armed presidential guards who follows his vehicle on foot until it gets out of the reach of the public. He has one of the most impressive Presidential Motorcade as his convoy comprises of High speed motorcycles and Armored Land cruisers which follows him wherever he goes.

9. Paul Biya

President Paul Biya is the president of Cameroon for 34 years now. Although there is no any case of attack since the failed coup d’tat in1984. He rides in an armored rangerover which costs $5,000. He sometimes ride in armored lemosin.


His convoyed comprises of high speed land cruisers and Mercedes Benz X class.

8. King Mohammed V – King Of Morroco

The king of morocco is one of the most protected leader not only in the Magreb region but the whole of Africa. He ascended the throne on the 23rd of July 1999 upon the dead of his father. His presidential car is an Amoured Mercedez 600 Pullman while in morocco. His motorcade normally comprises of a several mercedez bens s 500 and Range Rover models when he goes to mountainous places, A BMW s series with a communications jamper, an ambulance and several high speed motocycles. King Mohommed V is the richest president in Africa therefore getting extra security costs him little or nothing.

7. Emmerson Mnangagwa – President of Zimbabwe

Emmerson Mnangagwa born 15 September 1942 became the 3rd president of Zimbabwe 24 November 2017. He is currently one of the most protected presidents in Africa haven’t taken over from Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe has suffered a lot of political and civil unrest in recent years thus the need for the president to be heavily guarded especially when he is on officials assignments both in and out of the country. His presidential motorcade also comprices of high speed police motorcycles and the president rides in an Armoured limosine followed by many presidential guards.

6. Muhammadou Buhari – President of Nigeria

Muhammadou Buhari became the president of Nigeria in 2015, Being the president of the most populous country in Africa, Buhari is definately one of the most protected presidents in Africa. His safety and protection is of utmost importance to the people of Nigeria. His presidential Motorcade is one of the largest and most impreesive in Africa. Buhari’s security is very tight, His Motorcade always comprises of high speed police motorcycle, several presidential guards which he takes with him when he goes on Official Assignments both in and out of the country.

5. Cyril Ramaphosa – President of South Africa

Cyril Ramaphosa is the fifith and current president of South Africa, one of the most beautiful and developed countries in Africa. He became the president of south Africa in 2019 and is on the list of the most protected African presidents.

4. Paul Kagame

President Paul is the president of Rwanda. He is the most loved president in Africa since he has taken it upon himself to call out bad leadership Africa and as well expose bad Western influence in African politics.


He drives Rangerover which cost $550,000. He is always guarded by high speed Mercedes Benz, several police motorcycle and land cruisers.

3. Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru, the president of Kenya rides in armored land cruiser 200. His convoyed comprises of high speed police motorcycle, several of expensive cars like Mercedes Benz X class and guarded by more than ten presidential guards.


2. Alpha Conde

The president of Guinea, Alpha Conde rides on an armored Mercedes Benz and is guarded by high speed police motorcycle. When he is to visit the public heis guarded by more than 20 presidential guards.


1. King Mswatti III

The arrival of the king Mswatti

King Mswatti is the king of Swaziland since 1986.


He is guarded by high speed police motorcycle and heavily armed security guards.

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