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UPDF takes control over Bunagana town

UPDF takes control over Bunagana town

Following the recent statement from the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) under the East African Regional Forces operating in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo issued a statement on Sunday following taking over the occupied areas of Bunagana after the M23 rebels were forced out of the area for UPDF.

Captain Ahmad Hassan Kato the spokesperson of the (EACRC) Uganda contingent said  “Today , April 2 ,2023 …UPDF has deployed in the general areas of Bunagana where they have sent a foothold as they give M23 time to vacate the general areas of Rutshuru,Kiwanja and Mabenga as agreed.”

However Capt. Kato appreciated the mutual leadership of the M23 as they were cooperative during the contingent and thus expected more cooperation when times come to occupy areas of Rushuru, Kiwanja and Mabenga respectively.

UPDF crossed the Uganda-DRC boarder last week on Friday  to occupy the areas of Bunagana,Rutshuru, kiwanja as a milestone in the final phase towards the deployment of the EACRF force which is meant to over see the withdraw of the m23 ,protect civilians as well as opening other areas.

Kenya has so far deployed over 900 troops to eastern DRC following a meeting between the East African Community heads of state defense commanders within the region.

The EACRC force will be under the command of Maj. Gen Jeff Nyaga from Kenya. However the soldiers are supposed to supervise the withdrawal of the M23 rebel  group.

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