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Ramadthan advice: Boycott breaking ties with family members of you wanting to be rich

Boycott breaking ties with family members of you wanting to be rich

The acting director of Sharia at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council sheik Salim Bbosa said keeping family ties is very crucial in fighting poverty and making one become rich.

Bbosa said that the issue of keeping family ties is important in ensuring development and fighting poverty.

“Especially during this holy month let’s work together because we want Allah to forgive us. I ask everyone if you know you know you don’t have a good relationship with a family, give a lot of charity so that Allah can bring you together,”

Dr Salim Bbosa advised Muslims that it’s obligatory that every Muslim visit his or her relatives personally rather than through telephone or a means of communication especially if they are in the same county or in the neighboring.

The importance of kinship and keeps the ties of kinship is obvious from the teachings of Quran and Hadith . It’s very important to maintain the ties of kinship in Islam and Allan doesn’t like those who sever the ties of kinship.

In the Quran Allah says….” And fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and don’t cut the relations with the wombs(kinship)….” ( Quran 4:1).

Islam calls for the upholding of the ties of kinship because of the great effect that this has on achieving social cohesion and perpetuating cooperation and love among Muslims.

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