Uganda vs Kenya TV Female Presenters! See photos of Renowned Presenters From Kenya and Uganda

Uganda vs Kenya TV Female Presenters! See photos of Renowned Presenters From Kenya and Uganda

Television broadcasting has become one of the essential means of enlightening the netizens on the ongoings in and out of the country in form of latest news.

When our television viewing was limited to a few stations, and news and magazine segments carried the day, we grew to love and look up to the women who graced our screens but as the time has gone by there have emerged some beautiful ladies in our screens.

We sample some of the most popular and arguably the renowned female TV anchors in Uganda and neighboring country kenya.


Who of these TV queens, would you watch all night long? and is it the ones from Kenya or Uganda?


Kenya news anchors


1.Lulu Hassan

The citizen TV swahili anchor was born in Mombasa, to a mother of Seychellois and Kikuyu descent. Growing up, her mother ran businesses, so she had a pretty smooth childhood. She is the firstborn of three girls. She attended Aga Khan Academy and later trained to be a cabin crew hostess.



2. Jane Ngoiri

The NTV Swahili news anchor previously worked at K24 as an English journalist, which was long before she landed herself a job at the Nation Media Group

3.Victoria Rubadiri

The Citizen TV news presenter is a mix of Maasai and Kalenjin. Her grandfather was half Kalenjin and half Scottish and grandmother was a mix of Kikuyu, Maasai, and Seychelloise. Victoria Rubadiri father is a Malawian. That is why presenter is such a unique, unusual beauty.



Uganda news anchors


1.Anita Fabiola

The former NTV and NBS news tv presenter Anita Kyarimpa better known as Anita Fabiola is a Ugandan actress, Tourism ambassador, Event host, business woman, Philanthropistand former Beauty queen. In February 2019 she was appointed as a Goodwill Tourism ambassador. “Tulambule” campaign in liaison with the Uganda Tourism Board to promote tourism all over Uganda.


2.Lynda Ddane


Lynda Ddane is a TV presenter who is currently working with NTV on the NTV Dance Party every Saturday.

We have always seen Lynda wearing a beautiful and wide smile every time on camera With her great looks.



3.Doreen Komuhangi


Doreen Komuhangi

The beautiful is co-host in NBS TV Uganda.

Doreen Komuhangi is only 25 years old and is a mother of one. Despite giving birth at that tender age, she has maintained her sexiness something that has made many city men doubt if the child is actually hers. She is a presenter on NBS TV.

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