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Opposition leader slams allegations of parliamentary corruption

Opposition leader urges speaker to reconvene house for urgent corruption debate

Kampala, Uganda – The leader of opposition in parliament Joel Ssenyonyi, has strongly denied accusations of his involvement in a corruption scandal surrounding parliamentary funds.

The allegations emerged after reports surfaced claiming misappropriation of money allocated for regional parliamentary workshops.

However, the controversy has taken a new turn with growing demands to clarify whether a multibillion-shilling contract reportedly awarded to a business linked to the Speaker of Parliament followed proper public procurement regulations.

Addressing the media, Ssenyonyi vehemently rejected the claims against him, stating, “These allegations targeting me are baseless and lack any credible evidence.

I have consistently championed transparency and accountability in public office, and any suggestion of my participation in corrupt practices is a direct affront to my principles and track record.”

The opposition leader further called for scrutiny of the procurement process related to the reported contract. “Serious questions need to be answered about this lucrative deal.

The public deserves full transparency on whether all rules and regulations were followed to the letter,” Ssenyonyi asserted.

The controversy erupted when a whistleblower alleged that substantial sums intended for legislative workshops had been mishandled, with a portion of the funds allegedly diverted for personal gain.

These claims, coupled with the reported multibillion contract, have sparked outrage among civil society organizations and the public, who demand a thorough investigation into both matters.

Ssenyonyi has challenged the accuser to provide concrete proof substantiating the allegations against him. “If there is evidence of my wrongdoing, I urge the relevant authorities to conduct an impartial inquiry and hold the culprits accountable, regardless of their political affiliations,” he stated.

The parliamentary leadership has not issued an official statement regarding the allegations. However, sources suggest that an internal probe may be initiated to address the matter transparently, including the scrutiny of the procurement process for the reported contract.

As the controversy unfolds, Ssenyonyi’s supporters have rallied behind him, while critics have called for comprehensive investigations to uncover the truth and restore public confidence in the legislative body.

The allegations have reignited the debate on corruption, with various stakeholders emphasizing the need for stringent measures to combat graft at all levels of government and ensure adherence to public procurement regulations.

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