5 things you should never tell a friend for your success

The friends you have today are not definitely your friends tomorrow.some may turn their backs on you and become your worst enemies.So to be safe and positive do not share so much about your life.keep some secrets to yourself.

Rich people are very secretive and this is a good attitude,you should emulate If you truly want to be successful in life.

Nobody ever prays to be unsuccessful, everybody want to be wealthy and to be famous but some of the failures in this journey of life is self inflicted because you cannot control what you tell other people.

Here are some of the things you should never tell anyone is You want to Succeed;

1.Never tell anyone your goals for the future and your next move.Not everyone is happy when you are succeeding so try to keep this to yourself, and also when you tell everyone you lose motivation to match on.

2.Never tell anyone your strength and weaknesses.Some people may master you and bring you down easily when they know you inside out.

3.Never tell anyone your income.This helps you focus on your goals and investment,some people will discourage you on how your income will not be enough for your projects.

4.Never tell secrets of others who trust you.Someone may comfide in you and tell you their secrets because they trust you so better not break that trust by telling others.

5.Never talk about your family. Every family has its problems and strengths so just be secretive about your family to avoid unnecessary drama but people who want to destroy you family.

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