If you see the letter ‘M’ on your palm, it means there’s something special about you

Have you ever wondered about how to know what the future holds? While many people believe that the stars are the key to finding out what might be coming our way, the answer just might be even closer than that, on your very own body.

Have you ever looked at the palms of your hands for answers? (Illustration – Shutterstock | Kayasit Sonsupap)

Palmistry is the art of reading the lines and patterns on a person’s hands and fingers to find out more about their character and destiny. This art is an ancient one, dating back many thousands of years to civilizations all over the world, from China and India to Greece and Egypt. Today, we’ll talk about one particular pattern on your palm that could mean a lot for your future.


When looking at the palm, there are three major lines to consider: the head line, the heart line, and the life line. Start with your dominant hand—the one you write with. This hand represents your life, while the other hand represents the legacy of your family and ancestors.


Look at the heart line first. This is the line that determines your love life and relationships with family. You’ll find this line at the top of your hand, starting between your pointer finger and your middle finger, curving downward all the way to your pinkie.

Next is your head line, which often starts at the same place at the heart line but cuts across in a relatively straight line across the middle of the palm. This line can tell you a lot about how you learn, how your brain works, and how you interact with other people.

Continuing down your palm, look at your life line, which curls down from between your thumb and forefinger to the bottom of your palm. This will give you some clues about the length of your life and your chances of remaining healthy or getting sick.

The last line to look for is your fate line. It runs vertically up the palm towards the base of the middle finger. Not everyone has this line, even those who have it don’t all have it clearly visible. This line can be the key to learning more about your career prospects and finances.

Now that we know the lines, look again at your palms. Can you see the shape of the letter “M” created by the intersections of your heart, head, life, and fate lines? If you can, you’re one of very few people who have such a clear message of success inscribed on your palms.


People with this configuration of lines are those who get ahead in life, work hard and move up the career ladder, and use their determination to rise to the top. This combination of skills makes them natural born leaders. These people are also gifted with the ability to see inside the hearts and minds of others. With great intuition and judgment of character, they know how to work with people.


If you or someone you know has the “M” on their palms, it’s worth congratulating them as they’ve got every chance of having a long, successful life full of accomplishments and challenges met.

If you have an “M” on your palms, you’ll go far at work and in life

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