OPINION: Don’t judge people who are sex workers if you don’t know poverty. Some don’t have a choice

OPINION: Don’t judge people who sex workers if you don’t know poverty. Some don’t have a choice

Some people can spell poverty with their eyes closed. So it has always been tough for other people even before the outbreak of Coronavirus.

A large number of them rely on hand-outs, we see them turning into hobos and looking for anything edible in the garbage bins. It is so grievous that they don’t have a choice but to eat from the dustbins or settle for less.

Imagine you are a 20 year old orphan and you have 5 year old twin siblings that regard you as both their mom and a father. You will be pressured into doing anything that can put food on the table for them.

With that said, I believe that there are few individuals who became s-ex workers, not because they wanted to explore what other men have outside, but to earn pennies that will help them buy food and other basic necessities.

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If you have never been in the same situation they’d been in before, you will suddenly judge them. At times we have to put ourselves in other people’s shoes…

It’s rough and even worse now, coronavirus coerced few companies to shed jobs and other companies completely went on a shutdown. The government too has never been much of a great help since the great Nelson Mandela stepped down as president. Our government Is full of corruption!

So next time you see a street kid don’t laugh but help, and also, when you see s-ex workers roaming in the streets don’t judge ’cause you don’t know the real reason they decided the resort to s-ex work!



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