4 places where ladies want a man to touch them. 


There are a lot of parts in a woman body that she would want you touch but she will never tell you, you notice this by her reaction if you mistakenly touch those places. Below are some examples of those places.

1: Her Hair: Women like it so much when you admire their hair let alone when you touch their hair, This is natural. When your woman finish making her hair with the pain if a new hair all she needs is ur gentle touch.

2: Her Ear: women giggles when they are been touched in the ear, and tickles them when you wisper to them in there ear, so men should take note of this part because it helps to relieve stress.

3: Her Neck: The neck is a supportive part of the body and it supports the head, as such the man should always touch the woman’s neck and massage it often to ease off stress.


4: Her Face: This is the most important aspect, as a man you should always admire your woman each time, Make her know how beautiful she is with or without makeup, always look at her every minute and tell her how beautiful she is. It makes her feel on top of the world.

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