3 things that kills men performance in bed


In our traditions, men were valued more than anyone, they were treated with special care. They were the warriors of the community, they were family men, they were polygamous, so it required them to be strong hence need to be treated appropriately.


They were men who were good in bed, you would here so and so had 10 wives, he managed to sustain them all, even in their old age, they would not need to swallow anything to support themselves. It was all natural.


So I wanted to find out exactly what was the cause of all this, I hear ladies say men nowadays are like a dead stock. I went into my personal research as usual to get my own answers. Here are some of the answers I got;


1. Type of food

The kind of food one eats has a direct relation with your body health. There are nutritious foods and delicious foods. There cases where nutritious foods can be delicious as well but in most cases nutritious foods are never delicious.

There again in our today’s popping cultures, people like quick foods which are mostly delicious, but not well nutritious.In most cases the kind of foods we eat doesn’t have necessary nutrients meant for our bodies. It equally affects male sexual life. If necessary nutrients that are good to boost manhood are absent in your body definitely you will experience a problem.


2. Musterbation



Musterbation is satanic. It is the weapon he has employed to ruin male generation. He knows the only way to finish human generation is by finishing men.

Health-wise, when you engage in musterbation for so long, you will start loosing interest in women, women won’t satisfy you and your ejaculation if faster when you are with a woman.

Men should stop empowering Satan with more control over their lives. Make it your person initiative to stop musterbation, start a healing process to a healthy lifestyle.


3. Multiple female partners

Having multiple partners

Having multiple partners

At the I started by saying in long gone days men used to have many wives. Now I want to make a correction, having many women is completely different from having multiple female partners.


Many women but will one man, but multiple female partners will always have other make partners, and that is where the problem is. You with her today and yesterday he was with another man, you are actually ruining yourself. You start to acquire different diseases from different corners. As usual, men can easy show the signs of urinary tract infections, and it is for that reason that you will start losing your power the more you engage multiple female partners.

You now know, it is upon you to decide what is good for you.

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