Government has banned assemblies, sports and breaktime ahead of reopening schools

The government through the Ministry of Education has released new guidelines to be observed in schools ahead of imminent reopening following the outbreak of COVID-19.

Educational minister will unveiled the new rules, while speaking to members of the press.

Here are some of the proposed new school rules

1. Eating in shifts
This would be considered in institutions where the student population is high to avoid crowding in the dining hall

2. Lunch to be served in class
3. Food handlers to wear personal protective equipment (PPEs)
This would include wearing of gloves, aprons and face masks to promote best hygiene practices.

4. No sharing of food and utensils
5. Staggered break times to limit number using toilets
In this, a ratio of one door to 25 girls is recommended with that of boys being one door to 30 boys with a urinal

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