Zari Hassan tired of fans, Stop attacking my Family

Diamond Platinumz’s Ugandan baby mama Zari Hassan has defended her daughter Tiffah against trolls. The mother of five said she is tired of people constantly attacking her children for no apparent reason.

Taking to Instagram, Zari shared a video of young Tiffah playing, followed by a long emotional caption. The socialite revealed the attacks on her children hurt her a lot because just like anyone else, she is human. She stated that she can handle people who have problems with her attacking her but not when the same is directed to her babies who are innocent. Zari admitted she may have laughed or poked fun at her haters’ children but it was all payback for what they had started with her children.

”No one wants their babies to be insulted. You have been dissing my kids for years now and I have been quiet. As a parent, this hurt me so much. Thats how I feel when you say I insult your children,” she wrote. Zari wrapped up by saying her critics and people attacking her children will always suffer as she progresses. ”Now have given one answer, ask yourself why you have diarrhea and I am not. I am not laughing at you, I just laugh you are suffering.” she added.

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