Diamond Platnumz reveals real reason why he cheated on Zari Hassan

When Ugandan socialite and business woman Zari Hassan called it quits with Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz, many knew it was because the singer had cheated, but they didn’t know why he did it.

During an exclusive interview with Wasafi Media, Platnumz opened up on what drove him to cheat on Zari.

“To say the truth, God is my witness, it is clear she loved me more than I loved her. She’s someone I respect because she given me children and I was in love with her….I can’t say I didn’t love her because I would be lying. But her love was too much,” Diamond said. When it came to me, there were stupid things I did.

As the interview progressed the singer admitted Zari did him no wrong compared to the things he put her through.

According to Diamond, the only thing that got to him was the fact that Zari had something going on with Peter Okoye, ex P-square member and her gym instructor the same time she was in a relationship with him. When he confronted her,

she explained herself to him and he decided to let the issue go.She loved me more than i loved her

“Throughout my relationship with Zari, I wronged her more than she wronged me. She was smart, she was a wife material that I can assure. What I can say led to us splitting was the distance and lack of constant engagement with each other,” Diamond explained.

After their second child Diamond explains that he urged Zari to move with him to Tanzania since he felt the distance would be too much but she preferred to stay in South Africa where she currently resides.

“I felt it was going to be a task and the reason is because I’m still young and I’m a star. Women are always drooling over me. Imagine I leave the office, I go home and I don’t get my lover, she is South Africa. I will endure one or two weeks and then give up,” the singer admitted.

Diamond says he was ready to support Zari in whatever she wanted to do be it business, as long as she was by his side. Zari however still was not for the idea and both went for months without seeing each other.

“It was after this period I can say that the devil took over me and I started my stupidity. Im human I couldn’t prevent it,” he continued.

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