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Xi Jinping accorded a third term as president

Xi Jinping accorded a third term as president

China’s leader Xi Jinping has been accorded to be the president of China for the third term following a decision passed by the country’s parliament.

However this follows the affiliation of power that has made Mr Xi to be the dominant leader in genesis.

In addition his confirmation of his third term was widely expected being the General Secretary of the communist Party as well as the chairman of the Central military commission.

Consequently the naming of new premier and various ministers in the coming days are considered to be more important too since they are all expected to be Xi Jinping loyalists.

Mr Xi has solidified his rule as China reopens from his bruising zero covid policy that fueled anti government protests.

The two sessions of the National people’s Congress and Chinese People’s political Consultative Conference this week is closely watched as it provides a glimpse into China’s direction in the coming years.

Previously before Mr Xi Jinping, all leaders in China had been limited to two terms in office.When he had this restriction changed in 2018 ,this transformed him into a figure with a reach not seen since Chairman Mao.

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