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No- show ‘YouTuber turned MP expelled from parliament

No- show ‘YouTuber turned MP expelled from parliament

For the first time in 70 years a Japanese YouTuber and law maker has been expelled from the country’s parliament after he failed to attend any session of it.

Yoshikazu Higashitani a gossip YouTuber turned Mp found himself in unlikely position after he remained missing from the House of Councilors for over seven months.

According to local media reports, Higashitani’s expulsion is set to be formalized next week. The parliament’s disciplinary committee acting on the behest of Higashitani’s Senate colleagues brought in the motion and had it passed.

Known popularly as GaaSyy on YouTube, experts said Higashitani appeared more interested in celebrity gossip videos than working for the people who elected and sent him to parliament.

“The committee has reached this conclusion after discussing the matter in consideration of the significance of the democratic electoral process. “ GaaSyy doesn’t understand the foundation of democracy which is based on laws and rules.”

Higashitani, nicknamed No -show MP was elected to the upper house of the parliament in July last year and belonged to a fringe party named Seijiko Joshi 48, or politician Girls 48.” Unlike most political parties, Seijiko Joshi 48 is a single party meaning it only calls for reforms to Japan’s public broadcaster.

The 51 year old Higashitani has all this time been staying in Dubai and feared that he may be arrested if he set foot in Japan though he is reportedly facing questioning over an alleged defamation case.

Expelling a sitting Mp is seen as the most severe punishment that a law maker can receive. The precedent has been set only two times since 1950 but this is the first instance when an Mp has been expelled due to continued absence.

While lawmakers are immune from arrest during parliamentary sessions once Higashitani formally loses his post he may not have the same right.

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