USA has given each vulnerable poor Ugandan 25 dollars – Fremer Media

The government of the United States of America on Sunday gave 10million dollars to Ugandans especially the vulnerable poor through the Ugandan government.

According to the head of United States mission in Uganda , Chris Kraft stated that this money has to be received by Ugandans in cash.

Over 400,000 poor Ugandans are expected to receive $25 equivalent to 92000 Ugx.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, USA has given out $1 billion dollars and of which 15million dollars which is equivalent to 56 billion dollars was given to the Ugandan government to combat the pandemic.

The $10 millions which has to be given out to the poor Ugandans was collected from the tax which was imposed on the Ugandans who work in the USA.

No Ugandan has so far received this money although we are waiting for the government of Uganda to respond on this matter.

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