University Lecturer’s nudes leaked

This is the talk in the town after one of the student exposed the nudes of a lecturer in one of the University that she was engaged with. The female student exposed him as she found out that the lecturer was a Womaniser and his married, yet he had promised the lady to marry her.The lecturer has gone into hiding to save face and his marriage.

He is said to have had affairs with dozens of his students at the university and neighbouring institutions.

The lady lately is scared of her life and fears that the lecturer can manipulate some people to take her life.

The lecturer also has hard task to protect the family image and to keep good working environment with his colleagues at the University.

The two are unsafe for they don’t know the plans for each other since the cut off communication and they don’t know each other whereabout.

The lady had those nude photos because she wanted the lecturer to award her marks on the course that she failed and afterwards she gets the grade and claims for the lecturer to marry her. In that process she found out that it was impossible for the marriage to take place.

The truth about the reason why the girl had the nudes and decided to expose them is well know by the two of them.

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