Inside Zari Hassan Master Bedroom

When Zarinah Hassan calls herself a boss lady,she knows what she means. Many have admitted that that is what she is.

The business woman’s entire lifestyle is lavish and she has always confirmed that it is as a result of her hard work.

Being a successful woman has come with great things including living in a multi million mansion,the work of a skilled craftsman.

A number of times, Zari has given Ugandans glimpses inside her master bedroom.

Anybody could admit that the bedroom is pure class. High class to be precise.

Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan

Other sleeping spaces in her house including that of her two kids with Diamond are undeniably top notch. Everyone is enjoying their own bed space at Hassan’s house. What would you expect of Zari’s bedroom after seeing her kids rooms in my previous articles?
Cream is the theme colour of Zari’s luxurious bed. You will spot one or two silvery things therein including the huge high end curtains on the huge windows.
The decor ‘speaks’ of class.

On the other side of the room is a television. She wakes up to watching any thing of her choice. At one point in time,Zari shared a photo of herself and her kids enjoying a movie together in her bedroom as a family.

See more photos of Zari’s million dollar bedroom.

Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan

If this is just part of it,what do you think her closet looks like?Way too prestigious according to me.

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