Tamale Mirundi must stop blackmailing Bobi Wine

Museveni Senior Advisor Tamale Mirundi must stop blackmail. He has an obsession for blackmailing Museveni opponents.

But if it’s true (I highly doubt) that Bobi Wine secretly apologised to Rebecca Kadaga for calling 20M pay out to MPs a bribe, good move for Kadaga. Why?

While Kadaga would probably have a case in the rules committee that would convict Bobi for missing 15 consecutive sittings of Parliament, she needs Bobi Wine for a possible upcoming battle to unseat her. She knows it.

Bobi Wine is not the only Mp who misses parliament because of busy schedule. Sam Kuteesa can miss a whole session of Parliament ie Kuteesa can spend a full year without stepping at Parliament. No one talks about him.

Anyway, the battle to unseat Kadaga is looking more likely imminent and she will most likely be supported by all ‘Opposition MPs’ and some loyal independent MPs.

The 40M pay out to MPs could be heading in that direction. Museveni wants Kadaga out of Speaker ship. She may also need to apologise to Museveni to be forgiven. But Museveni doesn’t forgive.

I will be shocked if no attempt at impeaching and censuring Kadaga is made in her final second term.

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