Shiela Gashumba Exposes Kasuku’s Dirty Sides As Their Fight Takes Another Twist

Shiela Gashumba Exposes Kasuku’s Dirty Sides As Their Fight Takes Another Twist

Sheila seems to be in control of the Uganda’s media at the moment with her one month old ‘Stop cyber bulling in Uganda’ campaign.

After her victory over Urban TV’s Tina Fierce whom she accused of using her ‘Scoop On Scoop’ show to throw malicious insults at her, Sheila has now turned guns at Nation Media’s Isaac Katende aka Kuku Wazabanga (Kasuku).

This follows Kasuku’s remarks on Sheila Gashumba’s ‘Stop Cyber Bullying in Uganda’ while appearing on NBS TV’s ‘Uncut Sabula’ show

During the interview, Kasuku asserted that Sheila has no moral authority to run such a campaign having also been a culprit of social media bullying when she used her handles to insult, former NTV presenter, Robin Kisti.

Kasuku’s opinion didn’t sound pleasant to Sheila even for a blink of an eye as she immediately set a Facebook live video to drop her response on his claims.

In the video, Gashumba revealed how Kasuku should have been their (Sheila and Gods Plan) target to hunt-down in this campaign because of his continuousm criticism to musicians

She also says that Kasuku is just being a hypocrite whom she once helped to have his first buffet at Kampala Serena Hotel.

Sheila has also shifted the war to Twitter as she continues to shower the ‘Talk and Talk’ show presenter with unbearable insults of his career.

Age is just a number it has never meant Intelligence!! Kasuku you should be retired now allowing other young talented youth to have a chance to be on radio and tv than attacking public figures!! You should be on holiday right now!!” tweeted Sheila.

Surely Kasuku seems to have been a valuable item for Gashumba to ruin under this campaign as she has also onboarded boyfriend, Gods Plan in the war.

Gods plan indirectly thumbs Kasuku for having begged him Shs. 50K for transport

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