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“She is Enjoying!”  Uganda Police Officer is Caught Doing This

The internet has gone wild after a police officer was captured frisking a while civilian at an unusual place.

The officer had extended the hands to the woman’s crucial parts while frisking her a security protocol.


Since the cases of terrorisms started hitting East Africa, police are no longer taking chances. They are taking all the security checks, leaving no stone unturned, just to make sure civilians are in peace.

The photo above was taken in Uganda and when it was shared on a Facebook page managed by Kenyan police officers, Kenyans took to the comment section to share out their mixed reactions.

Some Kenyans said the officers searching is a female officer thus no big deal with the section of the targeted body part.

Others said the victim of the search, the Mzungu woman, seemed to be enjoying the search after they saw a wide smile on her face.

However, it is not clear when, and the exact place the photo was taken in Uganda.

“Uganda 🇺🇬 police seriously what kind of search is this,” cops of Kenya captioned the photo.

Here is what Kenyans said on Facebook.

Ereng Mark: That’s a female officer doing the search nothing wrong Admin…

Tonny Samal: That’s a female officer doing the search nothing wrong

Jeddy Jedidah: The one being searched seems to enjoy

Raheema Jumaa: What is this and you are officer ? Nonesens

Michael Obura: Taking no chance’s..hehehee kali kweli

Mutai Cheruiyot Moses: It is called leaving nothing to chance

Eric Alloyce Jnr: C police are the same ……world wide

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