President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Replies Bobi Wine ” I am not from Rwanda”

President Yoweri Museveni is trying to clear the air in regards to claims that he is a “Munyarwanda”. Museveni said this while communicating a message of pan-Africanism on his social media platforms that he says is the goal of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party’s goal.


In a social media statement, the president reveals that a twitter follower of his, using the handle @MwoyoG had shown his distaste against individuals called the Banyarwanda saying that he is against them. According to the tweets by the president, @MwoyoG believes that President Yoweri Museveni is a Munyarwanda.


Munyarwanda or Banyarwanda are the cultural and linguistic group of people who inhabit or come from Rwanda.

Museveni, in his message, says that he is a Musiita and that his mother is Mweene Rukaari.

“You can go to the beginning of creation, you will not find any Bunyarwandism in me,” President Museveni says.


The social media message comes days after Presidential aspirant, Robert Kyagulanyi commonly referred to as Bobi Wine asked the Electoral Commission to release the academic papers of Museveni and others.


“People want to be sure if President Museveni is really a Ugandan,” Hon Kyagulanyi said at the press conference where he spoke out about the issues with age that have become a legal matter.

The President seems unmoved by the claims made concerning him being a Munyarwanda saying that it wouldn’t have mattered if he was a Munyarwanda.


“The NRM talks of Africa, not just the small tribes or even just Uganda,” the president tweeted.

He further goes ahead to explain that colonial borders initially separated people who were already one and therefore the differences and tribalism are unnecessary.


“Therefore those who waste their time trying to find which Samia is from Kenya, which Mukonzo is from Congo, which Madi is from South Sudan, are not part of our Pan-African vision,” says President Museveni.

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