Musician GNL ZAMBA celebrating 2years Anniversary

Legendary Musician wrote a very strong lovely message to his wife.

GNL in his words “It has been 2 years already !!! Since we said I do in Malibu. 9 years ago we met in Kampala.
You loved Gulu I loved Kawempe
I loved matoke you love Bbo & Marakwang
I loved Nas you loved Sade
I loved Biggie you loved pac
We both loved Fela We both loved Chapman
It was important that we both loved art, people and hated potatoes
You are the chapati to my Rolex
The Cilantro to my Tacos 🌮
Nyanya mbisi to my Kikomando
And on “A major note”
The Alicia to my Swizz Beats
The Beyoncé to my Jigga
The Nala to my Simba
The Kalangala to my Nnalubale
It feels like I’ve known you for a lifetime. I Love you like the city of Angeles loves the sun
Like the cornucopia of birds loves Uganda 🇺🇬
Your heart & spirit inspires me everyday.
You shine like 1000 constellations
Highs up above or deep dives below the low
Oli Kigalo
This journey keeps getting better everyday !!!
With you as Co- pilot to this spaceship
UniverseYaffe !!!
#HappyAnniversary #Zambaland
(Puts back mask 😷) 🥂🍾👑👑
#Nsimbi #infinity ♾

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