In a post raised on her social platforms, Mrs Kyagulanyi highlights the feeling that no one can ever understand the gravity of the pain spouses of victims of torture go through unless one is such a spouse themselves.

“I particularly want to commend Bridget for braving the sight of a nearly dying husband,” Itungo who is also a spouse of torture victim stated.

She adds that the suspense of what more bad news could be coming from the doctors and mostly, for not being shaken by the harassment from security personnel who among many other things denied Bridget privacy and treated her like a prisoner while she was in hospital nursing her badly wounded husband Zaake are among the few things she can mention out as she praises her brevity.

She prays for more bravery on Bridget’s part and that Bridget will gather the energy to tell her story as calmly as she already shared it with Barbie in part.

This will help “to expose the wrongs that should be made correct and to demand for better from those whose mandate is to protect and not cause harm to us.” Itungo adds.

She concludes by sending prayers to Bridget, her now sick three months old baby, her sick husband and all her other family members.

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