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Minister Magyezi urges LCs to uphold integrity, discourages illegal fees

Minister Magyezi urges LCs to uphold integrity, discourages illegal fees

In a recent address, the esteemed Minister of Local Government, Mr. Magyezi, has taken a firm stance against the unethical practice of village leaders charging illegal fees. Recognizing the important role that Local Councils (LCs) play in their communities, the minister emphasized the need for them to act with integrity and serve their constituents dutifully.

During his passionate speech, Minister Magyezi underscored the importance of village leaders upholding their positions responsibly and refraining from abusing their offices for personal gain.

He highlighted the detrimental effects that charging illegal fees can have on the livelihoods of community members, particularly those who may already be facing financial burdens.

With a clear vision of promoting transparency and fairness within local governance, Minister Magyezi called upon all LCs to adhere to the principles of good leadership.

He stressed that village leaders should prioritize the welfare of their communities above all else, ensuring that public services are accessible to all without the burden of unnecessary fees.

The minister’s unwavering commitment to eradicating corruption and fostering a culture of accountability resonated strongly throughout his address. By discouraging the charging of illegal fees, he seeks to empower citizens and build trust between the local government and the people it serves.

Minister Magyezi’s words carry significant weight, serving as a reminder to LCs across the nation that their actions hold the power to shape their communities positively.

He urged village leaders to embrace their roles as facilitators of progress, working tirelessly to uplift their constituents and champion the principles of justice and fairness.

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