The Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) has overturned Manchester City’s two year Champions League ban in favor of Guardiola’s side.

Pep Guardiola’s side had faced tough and terrible moments in the regents months, after Uefa had already imposed a two year ban that will prevent them from participating in European Competitions for two seasons (2020/21 & 2021/22) due to alleged breaches of the Financial Fair Play.

The Club received the ban in February after being found guilty of breaching the FFP regulations.

City have appealed the Uefa’ s decision and taken it to CAS, the highest appeal court in the field of football thus expecting announcement today morning whether Man City will be allowed to engage in European Leagues or not. However Head Coach Pep Guardiola had previously said he was confident of European foot next season.

According to the CAS’s statement, the alleged breaches committed by Man City were either unfounded or time-barred due to the five-year time limit that was foreseen in the Uefa regulations.

“The CAS award emphasized that most of the Adjudicatory Chamber of the CFCB were either not established or time-barred. As the changes with respect to any dishonest concealment of equity funding were clearly more significant violations than obstructing the CFCB’s investigations, it was not appropriate to impose a ban on participating in Urfa’s club competitions for MCFC’s failure to cooperate with CFCB’s investigation alone.” CAS statement reads.

Following the CAS announcement, Uefa has released its statement on the case confirming that the decision taken by the Court of Arbitration for Sport is to reduce the sanction imposed on Manchester City FC by Uefa’s Independent Club Financial Control Body for the alleged regulations.

“Uefa notes that the CAS Panel found that there was insufficient conclusive evidence to uphold all the CFCB’s conclusions in this specific case and that many alleged breaches were time-barred due to the five-year time period foreseen in the Uefa regulations.” Statement reads.

Manchester City goes on to thank and appreciate all the process and reviews in the ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sports.

“The Club wishes to that the Panel members for either diligence and the due process that they administered.” Club Statement.

“What we have done is win our qualification on the pitch. Nobody can doubt about this.” Guardiola comments on the ruling.

CAS have said that they will release the final award with reasons for the decision in the next few days.

Watch all the proceedings on the Manchester City Live.

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