Self-made Ugandan rapper Shafik Walukagga alias as Fik Fameica who also brands himself as the freshest nigga around town seems to be stylish as shown in his new anticipated video “Ndi byange.”

The “Ndi byange” visuals were released 4 days ago and the video has already caught Ugandans most especially his fans which seems to be impressive and trending as it has already made 11.3k views on YouTube.

The fresh gang boss acknowledged how he has been working hard to make his own money and that is to why he goes on to spend it in a way he wants.

In a video, which also appears to be expensive due to the (club-set) location, vixens & dancers, the fresh boy boosts around with his gang and beautiful bebz showing a gangster lifestyle, appearing in different top fashion styles and top guns around his chest approving the theme. He also holds a pistol showing a gang mentality of scaring enemies as he points it into the camera.

In his song, Fameica addresses the fact that he’s tired of fake people who seem to care about what he’s doing with his life.

“nzina byange kanepanke kuba ndya kuzange…” the rapper sings on Artin produced vibe.

Fameica reminds people that he’s spending his own money and so they must take their bad energy far away.

Fameica has been doing some good classic tunes and collaborations like “Omu Bwati” ft. Patoranking and his fantastic lyrics have made him one of the best favorite Ugandan musicians .

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