Jesus Christ comes behind Prophet Muhammad on the list of Top most influential people in the world.

Most influential people in the world from centuries ago till date are the “movers and shakers”, this people usually do have one thing in common, their challenge on the status quo, their urge to challenge the daily limits by the common human, their large followers, and their unique skills.

Position 1: Prophet Muhammad

Muhammad was the founder of Islam and Muslims regard him, as the last messenger of God. He was sent by God to confirm and also present the monotheistic teachings of Jesus, Adam, Abraham, Moses, and all the other previous prophets.

Position 2: Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was a mathematician, an English physicist, natural philosopher, astronomer, theologian, and also an alchemist. His time range was from 1643 to 1727, one of the best scientists that history has to offer. He is mostly known due to the laws of motion and universal gravitation.

Position 3: Jesus Christ

Jesus is usually the central figure of Christianity and also known as Jesus of Nazareth, son of God, and also regarded as the major prophet in Islam, Jesus is the awaited messiah of the Old Testament and still being awaited for the second coming

Position 4: Buddha

Also, a spiritual leader and a philosopher in ancient India, he is the founder of Buddhism and is usually considered as Gautama Buddha in Hinduism.

Position 5: Confucius

Confucius is the Chinese social philosopher and also a Chinese thinker, and he was the founder of Confucianism whereby his teachings have greatly impacted the Korea, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and even Indonesians in thought and life.

What do you know of these people? Would love to hear from you and they have influenced you in life.

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