Gravity Omutujju clears about his relationship with Bebe Cool Zuena

It is no lie that Gravity Omutujju keeps hopping onto other people’s business regardless of where the line has been drawn. For so long the luga flow rapper has been at over heads with Bebe Cool and his wife Zuena. He further penned down a dis song for the couple whom he accused of having no respect for him.


When asked for her comment, Zuena confirmed that Gravity’s beef originated from ‘kelele’ –a song he recorded with big Size. The song terribly flopped and went unnoticed due to poor promotion.

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While on an interview on one local station, the broken English singer confirmed he finally buried the beef and started a new chapter.


“We are friends and I like her for staying with Bebe Cool for all these years. She is a good marriage material,” he added.

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We are hoping he let go off GNL Zamba too.

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