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FDC expresses concern over traffic disruptions during conference

FDC expresses concern over traffic disruptions during conference

The Forum for Democratic Change ( FDC ) has recently voiced its discontent regarding the traffic disruptions experienced during their annual conference. The party highlights the negative impact these disruptions have on both attendees and the general public.

During a press briefing held yesterday, FDC officials addressed the growing concerns surrounding the conference’s effect on local traffic flow.

The party expressed their disappointment with the lack of measures taken to mitigate these disruptions, emphasizing the need for effective traffic management strategies.

According to party spokesperson, Mr. John  Kikonyogo the conference serves as a critical platform for the FDC to engage with its members and discuss pertinent national issues.

However, the significant congestion and delays experienced by conference-goers have hindered their ability to fully participate in the event.

“We firmly believe that the success of our conference relies not only on the content but also on the smooth facilitation of our attendees,” stated Mr. John Kikonyogo. “The current traffic disruptions greatly undermine our efforts to foster meaningful discussions and hinder the overall experience for all involved.”

The FDC has urged relevant authorities, including local law enforcement and transportation agencies, to address the issue promptly.

They emphasize the importance of implementing robust traffic management plans that prioritize the smooth flow of both conference attendees and the general public.

Furthermore, the party has proposed collaborative efforts between event organizers, local authorities, and transportation agencies to establish alternative routes, manage traffic diversions, and provide appropriate signage to minimize disruptions during the conference.

FDC’s concerns over traffic disruptions during their conference underline the need for proactive measures to ensure a seamless experience for participants and mitigate the impact on local traffic.

By addressing these concerns, authorities can contribute to creating an environment conducive to productive discussions and meaningful engagements.

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