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Embrace positivity, Mubaje encourages muslim community

Embrace positivity, Mubaje encourages muslim community

In a recent statement, Sheikh Shaban Ramathan Mubaje, the embattled Mufti of Uganda, urged fellow Muslims to remain resilient in the face of criticism and dismiss negativity .

This was during the 8th graduation ceremony of Ubayyi Bun Kaab Quran School in Nyimbwa village, Bombo district.

Mubaje emphasised the significance of staying positive amidst criticism and negativity, encouraging the Muslim community to rise above and focus on their collective strengths.

In a world where opinions are shared more freely than ever, it is not uncommon to encounter individuals who spread negativity and doubt. However, Mubaje advocates for a different approach, urging Muslims to disregard these naysayers and instead channel their energy into constructive efforts.

Furthermore He emphasized the importance of seeking clarification from the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) if individuals have concerns regarding decisions and actions taken by their leadership.

“If you have any inquiries, come to UMSC. We have never prevented anyone from reaching out to us. However, it is essential not to speak about matters you don’t understand, as you will be held accountable,” he said.

By doing so, Mubaje believes that the Muslim community can harness their collective power and overcome any challenges they may face.

In addition the Mufti also called upon the students holding the Quran to exhibit good manners as an example, and urged the teachers to teach the children proper behavior.

The Secretary General of UMSC, Abbas Muluubya, reaffirmed to the Muslim community that there have been no changes in the leadership, and their leaders continue to fulfill their roles.

Mubaje’s call to ignore naysayers is grounded in the belief that negativity can hinder progress and erode the sense of unity within the Muslim community. By paying heed to the voices that challenge and doubt, Muslims risk losing sight of their own potentials and the accomplishments they have achieved.

Mubaje underscores the importance of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. He highlights the countless achievements and contributions of the Muslim community throughout history, emphasizing the need to draw strength from these successes. By focusing on the positive aspects of their faith and culture, Muslims can counter the negative narratives propagated by naysayers.

Mubaje’s message to Muslims is clear: ignore the naysayers and focus on positivity. By remaining resilient in the face of criticism and negativity, the Muslim community can harness their collective strength and continue to make significant contributions to society.

Through unity and determination, they can overcome challenges and build a better future for themselves and future generations.

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