Diamond Platmunz is a Ugandan, Tanzania People Forcing him out of the Country after his father announcement

Fresh details have emerged saying the singer is a Ugandan, and not a Tanzanian.

Diamond Platnumz father Mzee Abdul Juma, has revealed that he and his son Naseeb Juma hails from Tanzania.

For many years, Tanzanians have been seeing Diamond as their own, born and raised in a small town called Kigoma. He even featured in some songs by artists from Kigoma, one of the songs was dubbed ‘Kigoma’.


However, according to Mzee Juma, if all legal laws were to be observed, then Diamond would be a Ugandan.

He said the singer’s mother, Sandra Kassim alias Mama Dangote is the one who is a Tanzanian, and who hails from Kigoma.


Since Diamond was raised by a single mother, he grew up thinking he is from Kigoma, but in reality, he is Ugandan.

“Kwa kufuata kama sheria ilivyo, Nassibu ni Mganda, sio mtu wa Kigoma, sema kwa sababu kabase kwa mama ndio maana kajifanya kuwa mtu wa huko,” said Mzee Juma in this video, which loosely translates to

(If the law was to be followed, Diamond is a Ugandan, he is not from Kigoma, just say because he grew up with his mother that is why he believes he is from Kigoma)

With such revelation on records, Diamond can find himself in Uganda if at one point he falls out with the government, just like it happened to Miguna Miguna.

Bongotrending_habari, are source of Tanzanian Entertainment news and Drama. They uploaded a video of Diamond’s father, Mzee Abdul Juma who is heard saying that Diamond is Ugandan.



From the video Abdul says that, “If the law was to be followed his son is from Uganda and not Kigoma, Tanzania. Maybe because he grew up with his mother in Kigoma that’s why he believes so.”



Bongotrending_habari a Tanzanian news channel posted Mzee Abdul’s video and captioned it, “Kumbe diamondplatumz siyo mtanzania. Sema tu kwasababu Ka benzi Kwa mama ndo akajifanya ni mtu wa Kigoma.”



To translate to those who don’t understand Swahili they said, So Diamond Platnumz is not Tanzanian. Just say because he stayed with his mother in Kigoma that’s why he pretends he is from Kigoma.



Carrymastory is a very influential Tanzanian Entertainment online channel with more than 2Million followers.


They too posted the video and captioned it, “Tunaomba tu kistaarabu kama sio mtanzania uwende tu kwenu ligendi maana tushakuchoka. Kumbe ndo maana alipendana na dada ake @zarithebosslady.”



To translate to those who don’t understand Swahili they said, we humbly request if Diamond is not Tanzanian just go to your country(Uganda) because we are tired of you. So that’s why he fell in love with Zarithebosslady.

Currently, Diamond supports President John Pombe Magufuli in the coming 28 October elections. He has been campaigning for Magufuli. What if Magufuli is toppled from power? Anything can happen in life.

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