Bajjo curses Balam accuses him of being a user.


After a period of two months since events promoter Mukasa Alifonsa Bajjo dumps people power/ NUP and joined the National Resistance Movement after being promised heaven on earth  by his close Balam, Bajjo has come out and sprint dirty secret of Balam and hence regret the day he accepted the juicy deal from NRM.

In a facebook post, Bajjo says “Dear Ugandans I’m to inform you singa ekisajja kino kiffa trmukimbikiranga era silikizika am sure kijja kunsoka okuffa kuba kikadde reason kyekisinga omutima omubi mu Uganda, enkwe nobutagaliza era ngenda kwogerako eri obuganda nti bano abasajja tebatwagala ba user just. Kisilani gwe ki Balamu nebwensanga omulambo gwo nguyitako buyisi bwensanga offudde accident nvuga reverse nenyongera okukoona, bwensanga bakuwadde butwa nze nkutemesa jambiya obusungu nina full details loading.’ Those where the words of Bajjo.

Although there is no clear reason as to why Bajjo would reach to this extent of wishing Balam death, some insiders have reported that Balam got money from Museveni which was supposed to be given to f Bajjo and other members who crossed to NRM from people power.

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