Ashburg Katto Used Toilet paper dumped without knowing

Facebook Blogger Ashburg Kato has finally cried out to president Museveni for not receiving any of the high breed cows that he was given him while on a courtesy visit at Kisozi farm.

Ashburg visit to President Museveni

It should be remembered that when Ashburg Kato ditched people power and crossed over to the NRM, the president of Uganda invited him over to his farm in Kisozi and while there reports reveal that the head of state gave him over 30 cows.

Ashburg Kato tasked his operations team to find time and transport the cows to Ashbug Kato’s village for farming.

Ray, Balaam and Ashburg

But to the surprise of the pencil thin blogger those orders were not executed and until today he has failed to get hold of even one cow the president gave him.

I have never received my cows- Ashburg Katto cries out to Museveni as he suspects animals were stolen by the ‘herdsman’ – Watchdog Uganda

Perhaps tired of waiting on the president’s promise Ashburg took to Facebook and reported the matter to the concerned people for help.


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