Bobi Wine Thrown Out Of Spice FM

Bobi Wine Thrown Out Of Spice FM In Hoima, Advised To Start His Own

The National Unity Platform(NUP) Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has been kicked out of Spice FM in Hoima District where he is currently trailing the area to converse votes ahead of 2021 General elections.

Bobi Wine who has been in the Bonyoro area was this morning kicked out of a local radio station where he was appearing to address the residents following an unfruitful campaigning day on Wednesday.

Bobi Wine arrived early morning at Spice FM in Hoima City with a big team of NUP leaders and candidates from the region and those from Kampala.

However, about five minutes in, he was cut short and told to leave immediately by a man who introduced himself as the deputy station manager saying they received orders that Bobi Wine is not supposed to be in the area.

“We have just been informed that you are not supposed to be in this area. You need to leave,” the NUP team was told.


However Bobi Wine has expressed a lot of concern and appealed to the chairperson, Electoral commission to come out and clarify on how opposition candidates are supposed to carry out digital campaigns when they cant be allowed to access radio stations as one of the avenues to campaign.


”Yesterday, we booked and paid to appear on Spice FM radio station in Hoima District. As soon as we got to the station this morning and started introducing ourselves, the police and military cordoned off the building and forcefully ejected us out of the radio station. We asked why they were doing this, and their answer was “orders from above, So far, we have been blocked from addressing Ugandans on thirteen radio stations across the country” Bobi Wine posted.

Bobi Wine Thrown Out Of Spice FM In Hoima District

Bobi Wine After Being Kicked Out Of Spice FM

”Mr. Byabakama and the Electoral Commission must tell us what the meaning of a digital campaign is, when we are not allowed on radio stations. Above all, Mr. Tibuhaburwa and his friends are right to be scared. Ugandans who wondered why we have been calling him the worst coward in history can now see for themselves what we have been saying”. he noted.


”To you people of Hoima and Bunyoro generally, the time is now to regain our freedom. And I thank you for the great reception you are giving us everywhere in the midst of great intimidation.” He noted.

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According to the campaign schedule, Bobi Wine is supposed to be in Buliisa, Kiryandongo and Masindi today

It is also reported that earlier before the show started, Bobi Wine was cautioned not to use the opportunity to insult incumbent President Yoweri Museveni but to stick to his manifesto message.

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Earlier in the night police and the military reportedly cordoned off Double Dream Hotel where Bobi Wine and his team had retreated for the night.


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