Is Nup President Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine safe?

Tensions continue to rise in Uganda as the country prepares for their general election which is due on 14th January 2021. NUP presidential candidate Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi is giving the incumbent president president, Yoweri Museveni sleepless nights as the country nears their election period.

It was a shocking event on Sunday afternoon after the NUP president candidate, Bobi Wine was nearly killed on a road trip campaign that he was attempting after attending the church service earlier that day.

These pictures are sickening to watch. Everyone was shocked at how a presidential candidate is treated in Uganda. It seems that Museveni is in panic, the rogue regime is in real fear.

Police attacking Bobi Wine car

Police attacking Bobi Wine car

Bobi wine, a presidential candidate almost lost his life on the road trip campaign after bullets and tear gas were directly fired into his car, it was a shocking incidence though his security tactfully escaped with him with some few injuries.

Here is what Bobi Wine said on his Twitter account after he escaped the painful incidence.

On his Twitter account, Bobi Wine remarked the cause of the event accusing the Ugandan government for attacking the people who were peacefully waving at him.

Frames showing how Bobi Wine’s security shielded and whisked him into a standby evacuation vehicle after a teargas canister was thrown into his car. 10 minutes later,police received a call that Bobi was already in Mbale with thousands of his supporters matching to the rally grounds.

Do you think Bobi Wine will succeed in the Upcoming 2021 Ugandan Elections?

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