Pastor Yiga won’t see heaven – Pastor Jackson Senyonga insists and mourns fellow preacher in style


Yiga was a sinner, he infected many young girls with HIV- Pastor Ssenyonga mourns fellow preacher in style

Pastor Augustine Yiga and Senyonga

Jackson Ssenyonga, the lead preacher at Christian Life Church Makerere has revealed that he is willing to help Pastor Andrew Jjengo, the son of Pastor Augustine Yiga to turn away from the evil acts and bad ways his father has been living while still alive.

Ssenyonga who was addressing journalists at his church today said that Yiga was not a born again pastor but was a conman and a false preacher who ruined lives of innocent people.

“Mr Yiga was not a true born again pastor but was a conman, therefore I can’t call him a pastor becuse everything he was doing was contrary to the Bible. He was faking miracles and in so doing Yiga has infected a lot of young girls in his church with HIV,” Ssenyonga said.

“For that matter on behalf of the born again fraternity, I want to apologise to whoever Yiga hurt. In the same spirit we as Christian Life Church we are pledging to help those women with children whose father is Mr Yiga,” he said.

Ssenyonga, however, clarified that he had no personal war against Pastor Yiga but he was against his actions which he was doing in the name of a pastor. But he said that since he left a son he is willing to teach him and even support him financially.

“If Mr Yiga’s son Jjengo comes here at Christian Life Church and say ‘Pastor my father has been walking in the wrong path but me, I want to walk in the right path, Jjengo is welcome here, I will teach him the true gospel, we shall help him even his church will grow because God will bless him if he can come back to truth,” he said.


Pastor Yiga’s death was revealed by the management of ABS TV station on Tuesday.

“ABS TV announces the sudden death of our beloved CEO and founder of Revival Christian Church Pastor Augustine Yiga commonly known as ‘Abizaayo’. We will dearly miss him for all his good work done in the lives of many and for our country at large. May his Soul Rest in Peace.” the management of Kawaala based TV station said in a statement.

He was first pronounced dead last Friday but the report was dismissed by his son Pastor Jjengo who said his father was alive and just needed prayers to get back on his feet.

A few weeks ago, the preacher was admitted at Nsambya Hospital battling what was termed as “liver complications”.


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