Facts about Pastor Augustine Yiga Death

Pastor Augustine Yiga popularly known as  Abizayo was this morning reported dead by various media.

Pastor Augustine Yiga

Pastor Augustine Yiga

However, his church has come out to deny the news, clarifying their boss is still alive.

This has sent us hunting for the truth and below is what we have managed to gather from both his family and the hospital.

Both claim the Kawaala-based Revival Church lead pastor is still alive, though in critical health.

It ought to be remembered that Yiga has been at Nzambya hospital for close to two months undergoing treatment over liver complications.


Yiga is popularly known for his  an entertainecomedy-filled sermons and also as an entertainer having started out as a Kadongo Kamu singer.


One of his sermons landed him in jail in April when he told his flock that covid-19 doesn’t exist in Uganda but what we have is the ordinary flu. He was jailed for a month over this statement.

Pastor Augustine Yiga

Augustine Yiga being arrested

In Kawala, Abizayo owns ABS TV, Revival Church and Revival Band which comprised of Maggie Kayima aka Nabbi Omukazi, Hassan Ndugga and many others. May his soul rest in peace.

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