Bebe Cool threatened and chased away from the state house- King Micheal

bebe cool

Many of u have been wondering why muzukulu Bebe Cool is lately very quiet. Well King Michael claims that powerful members at State House Nakasero bounced self-proclaimed ‘Big Size’ Bebe Cool from State House before threatening to take his car that was gifted to him by the president.

The ‘Kwata Kwata’ hitmaker disclosed the secret during an interview with a local radio station when he was questioned if he can trust his fellow musician Big Size Bebe Cool to represent NRM musicians in State House.

King Micheal narrated how Bebe Cool was bounced and warned never to go back to State House without clear reasons and appointments from the Head of State like how faded loaded socialite was warned and till today he is in shock.

Bebe Cool it’s said that the first muzukulu Bebe Cool was chased after coming up with a project of helping Ugandan artists, the guards told him that he can only step into the state house if the musicians whom he thinks he represents agreed to be represented by him

Bebe cool

Bebe cool and other NRM supporters

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It is said that even Catherine Kusasira who was last year appointed by the president to be his advisor on the issues about Kampala, was also chased out of state house.

It’s not clear whether Bebe Cool will join his fellow artist Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big eye who earlier crossed from the NRM because of what he calls injustice.

Bebe Cool

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