Zari Hassan Strikes Again, Museveni Should Stop Playing Games And Lift The Lockdown For Boda Bodas, Salons And Arcades To Operate Again

Zari Hassan calls out the Ugandan government to lift the prolonged lockdown to let boda boda riders, salons and arcades to operate because without income, crime rates will only rise.

Recent days have had Zari Hassan in a fierce war of words with People Power supporters and Bobi Wine’s fans over statements she made querying the 2021 Presidential hopeful’s credentials to lead the country.

Zari Hassan, through a live video on her Facebook account, maintained that she is a grown woman with her own platform through which she can unapologetically address her opinions as a Ugandan citizen.

The self-styled Bosslady now asks the government to lift the lockdown to allow boda bodas, arcades, salons and other businesses get back into operation for different people to raise income.

Zari notes that with the prevailing lockdown, people cannot raise money for livelihood and that only results into higher crime rates. She also asks the govt to revise the curfew hours.

Plea to the Ugandan Government. It’s a humble request to lift the lockdown. Let bodas operate, the crime rate will rise with no income. Let saloons operate, aba saloon ne cutex bafuna mele yalelo.

Reopen arcades, business people emali zabwe zitude, landlords babanja almost 4 month. Just to mention a few. Let curfew hours be revised as well. Its a humble request. Thank you in advance.

The lockdown in Uganda was imposed in March to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus which is still rocking the world.

Despite easing up the lockdown for a few sections of people, omuntu w’awansi remains idle as their areas of work are still held up

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