Zari Hassan list of all Men she has dated

Born as Zarinah Hassan on 23rd September 1980, this 40-year-old has carved a space for herself in the showbiz industry. She has the looks and showmanship in her; two great qualities that she has leveraged well and made a fortune out of. Some judge her for her not-so-popular dating habits, while some applaud her for it. Either way, Zari still gets her way. She is just that awesome, even when it comes to parenting.

Zari Hassan is one beautiful woman and a household name in South Africa, Uganda, and Kenya. She takes motherhood seriously, juggling it with business and pleasure. This mother of 5 looks barely over 20 with a youthful body and a gorgeous smile that she often flaunts to her 5.3 million Instagram followers. It can be argued that this is one of the reasons, Diamond and all the other guys she has dated could not resist her.

Zari Hassan is constantly showing up on news channels with one new story after the other. Her social media following makes her one of the most popular women in both East and Southern Africa. Lately, she has taken to posting pictures of her new found love, a man many know as King Bae or Mr. M, and her fans just cannot wait. But first, let’s look into some of the famous men she has been with in the past.

Ivan Ssemwanga – Zari Hassan ex husband

The death of this business tycoon hit the entertainment industry hard. A successful young entrepreneur suffered a heart attack and succumbed to death. It is during this moment that the past life of Zari Hassan came to light. Ivan was Zari’s first husband.


Zari Hassan was married to Ivan Ssemwaga for approximately 12 years. The two met when Zari moved to South Africa after staying in the United Kingdom. Their marriage was relatively low-key, and Ivan continued to keep it that way even after Zari left. In 2011, the two had a lavish traditional Zari Hassan wedding whose total expense was upwards of a billion Ugandan shillings.


Zari and Ivan had three sons; Diddy, Pinto, and Quincy. In 2013, Zari divorced Ivan hinting to the possibility of domestic violence as the reason for the divorce. Whereas Zari moved on pretty quickly, Ivan still held the hope that they might get back together as witnessed by his reluctance to pull down photos of them on Instagram.


Naseeb Abdhul Juma – Diamond Platinumz

Most famous for his hit song Number One and international collaborations, Diamond Platinumz was the next man Zari Hassan spent most of her time with. Apparently, they met on a plane when Zari requested for a selfie. The relationship then blossomed from that point till the moment Zari Hassan divorced Ivan.


In 2014, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platinumz got married. They had quite the romantic marriage filled with lavish gifts, surprises and exotic holidays. Diamond actually bought Zari a house in South Africa for her birthday. Zari seemed to blossom under love. The two had two children during the time; Latifah Dangote and Prince Nillan.


Two years into the marriage, scandals of Diamond hooking up with various females began to mushroom at an alarming rate. His relationship with Hamisa Mobeto is said to have caused a lot of issues in their otherwise happy marriage. It is also during this period that Zari Hassan was rumored to be spending a lot of time with her first husband.


On 14th February 2018, Zari Hassan took to Instagram posting the famous black rose. Within the hour, reports of the Diamond and Zari break up trended on the internet. Yes, she actually divorced her husband on the most romantic day of the year, with a black rose and a long caption. And that was as dramatic as it got.


The two have attempted co-parenting, but it doesn’t seem to be going too well if the reports are correct. Zari Hassan has been trying to get Diamond to spend more time with the kids. Since he started seeing Tanasha Dana, it seems like there is bad blood between them illustrated by fans comments on her Instagram.


King Bae – Is he Zari Hassan’s new boyfriend?

Ever the queen of strategy, Zari Hassan just unveiled the man who has been warming her bed, on 14th of February this year. Instead of the black rose, Zari Hassan posted a photo of gifts from her new boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. If the Louis Vuitton Flower hobo bag, chocolates, balloons, a teddy bear, and her recent hints of a possible marriage are anything to go by, it seems like she is happy.

The shared message of the text he sent her after she prepared him a meal had fans wishing her happiness. Since Valentine’s, the Ugandan socialite has been sharing tidbits of her new love. Most of the shared pictures have no unique identifiers and only her children, and intimate friends know King Bae’s actual identity.


Williams Bugembe alias Boss Mutoto

Being a trustee of Ivan’s estate, Zari flew back to be with him in his last moments and also his funeral. It was during this time that she was rumored to be dating Williams Bugembe. She shared a photo on her Instagram insisting that they just ate sausages all night. Believable?


Maybe, but Boss Mutoto was of a rival gang. As CEO of The Money Team (TMT), Zari was seen to be colluding with Ivan’s rival gang so soon after his death. Zari’s first husband, Ivan was affiliated with the Rich Gang. Boss Mutoto had come to pay his respects, and from the look of things, nothing substantial came out of the sausages.


Isaac Lugude aka LK4

After her divorce from Ivan Ssemwaga, Zari Hassan was rumored to have dated quite a few men. Issac Lugude, a basketball player and former Big Brother representative, was one of them. He claims that Zari sought him out and approached him after watching him play a few times.


In a phone interview following the surfacing of Zari Hassan’s sex tape, he was quoted saying she was dry as a rock. From men such as Zari’s first husband and Diamond who were always ready to defend her, this was quite a revelation. It also explains why nothing came of it, and the rumors were never confirmed.


Farouk Sempala

Immediately after LK4, Zari Hassan allegedly hooked up with Farouk Sempala. Little is known about this bodybuilder with some speculating he was a drug dealer and con man. These reports were never substantiated. Being out of the public eye, Farouk Sempala’s relation to Zari Hassan remains suspect.


Ringtone Apoko


While Ringtone did not date Zari, he actually wishes he had. In fact, this popular Kenyan gospel singer tried to woo Zari Hassan on social media by buying her a Range Rover sport 2017 model. He offered details on how she was to pick the keys to the black car to which Zari ignored leaving the young man heartbroken.

Zari Hassan has had quite the social media run with reports saying that she cheated on Ivan with Diamond and vice versa. Netizens do not tire of these shenanigans, and her fans remain committed. With five children that she is single-handedly raising, it is hoped that King Bae will fill the void she has been struggling to fill. And, on a lighter note, to our very own Rington, Zari is a lady you have to sit back, think, plan and then make a move. You can not woo her with sticky notes on the fridge, and pointers on social media. She is just awesome that way!


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