Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tricks to remain in power Revealed

Unlike the yester years whereby President Museveni has been contesting against Besigye, this time round he is set to contest against a youthful leader who doubles as a musician; Bobi Wine. As witnessed in the yester elections held in Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been doing everything possible to see to it that he does not taste defeat.

To start with, Museveni did not clinch into power through an elections but through a military coup against President Milton Obote. Museveni has thus been in power for 34 years and is not showing any signs of retiring. Bobi Whine has been submitted to numerous torture as his fans have been killed.

Bobi Wine and President Museveni

Bobi Wine and President Museveni

According to a publication by the East African newspaper, it has highlighted 3 lessons Museveni has been using not to loose power


Lesson one

Museveni has managed to keep the military under full control. This seem to be the reason why the leader of defence in Uganda is Museveni’s son thus cannot loose power how he snatched it away from Milton Obote


Lesson 2

Keeping your number one threat at bay and treating them well. You will never hear the Uganda military complaining about Museveni. Before, Uganda presidential seat was more won by a coup than an elections. This runs from how Iddi Amin used the military to snatch power as well as Museveni who has left no stone unturne

Lesson 3

Disperse power and enable as many people as possible to have access to it and to attribute their good fortune to you. They will thank you for it and affirm that without you they would not have got where they are.


Lesson 4

No one threatens to cause chaos against Museveni. Museveni’s greatest selling points at home and abroad remain his ability to maintain peace, stability and security. Failure to take these simple truths seriously explains why opposition groups keep floundering.

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